I am trying to restore a database from a gzipped file: i believe that
backups were done as complete files (not partial) under Postgresql 7.0.3.
Pg_restore does not recognize the ungzipped file filename.psql. The
command, psql -d database -f filename.psql, restores it partially, but with
numerous errors and the database is mostly empty. As I understand, this
command restores the file to an existing database, so I had to create one
with the original filename. But I don't know if the newly created database
must have the exact same permissions, ownership, etc. as the original.
I am told to install the earlier version of Postgresql to restore, but that
seems to be complicated. Even if that works, how can the restored database
be migrated to a newer version of Postgresql?
Does anybody out there know about this kind of thing?
Thanks for any help.
P. Jourdan

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postedApr 11, '02 at 12:32p
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