Satoshi Nagayasu wrote:
On 2010/07/29 17:41, Michael Meskes wrote:
I had a short look at the docs Satoshi-san put online and yes, I'm impressed.
However, I won't be able to proof read them before September. But given that
9.1 development is just starting I see no problem in putting the docs into the
archive be it cvs or git and improve if there if it really needs improvement.
In my short check I didn't see anything major that needed to be changed. This
of course implies that the new docs are available in a suitable format.
Thank you all for your attention to the ecpg document work.

Yes, I see some developers are too busy, so it's difficult to take time
to review such large amount of changes of the doc for now.

I'm thinking about taking a few weeks after August or September
to review and merge the document intensively (like CommitFest)
by some developers who are interested in this doc.

I know this change is very huge, and it's very difficult to review
and give feedback through the whole document. So I think we sould take
an approach to review and merge chapter by chapter during the period,
and it can be an effective way to merge this large change
if we can take time for such intensive work.

Is this possible? Any suggestions?
I would like to help too.

Bruce Momjian <>

+ It's impossible for everything to be true. +

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