Let me mention on thing that may help the alpha developers trying to fix

As part of 6.3 changes, I changed some contants in
/src/include/catalog/*.h that used 0L to just plain 0. It seemed to be
done inconsistently, and I could not figure out how the 0L could be
different than 0.

Can someone take a look at the 6.2 source and 6.3 source, and tell me if
the 0L entries in 6.2 change the alpha behavior from a plain 0. Perhaps
a way of testing would be to replace the 0L with 0 in a working 6.2, and
run initdb to see if the system still works.
I've just finished the test, and it makes no difference :-( The only file
where 0L appeared is in pg_attributes.h. I have tried also to put '-1L' in
the new column, but it makes no difference. Still working...

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