On Fri, 16 May 1997, Arthur M. Kang wrote:

Where you following the new INSTALL instructions telling you to
Yeah...I did that. I'm running Solaris 2.5.1 on x86 and when I type
that command, it seems to start two processes. It looks like the
machine is doing:
"gmake all &"
and ">make.log &"

Well, at least that solves why the compiler seems to hang. I haven't seen
the problem you mentioned with cc vs gcc and don't know what to do with
it. However, your compile may be dying to do bugs in the lexflex test
added Wednesday. So far, you are the third person I know of that have had
problems appear at that point.

After running configure, but before you compile try editing file
src/GNUmakefile to comment out (use # at the start of the lines) the call
to lexflex and the if-then-else test that follows it. This will cause the
make file to skip this test. All the test does is see if you have a good
or bad version of flex and, if you have a bad one, tell you to go look at
the INSTALL instructions, then exit.

Come to think of it, I seem to remember noticing that the make file in
this directory expicitely uses cc rather than whatever compiler your
system uses. This may have caused your cc versus gcc problem as well.

I have a favour to ask. Edit src/GNUmakefile as described above. Remove
your CC=gcc statement. In the src directory, type "gmake clean". Then
attempt to compile again. Please post your result (it worked with /
without the CC=gcc statement, it continued/still died at this point, etc.)
in both pgsql-questions@postgresql.org and pgsql-hackers@postgresql.org.

We are supposed to realease v6.1 tomorrow morning. If we have a new bug
here we would like to know before we make the release.


David Friend ! cq995@freenet.carleton.ca
Atlantis Scientific Systems Group Inc. ! david.friend@atlsci.com
1827 Woodward Drive ! 613-727-1087 (voice)
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K2C 0P9 ! 800-265-3894 (voice)
ERGOvista Scientific Image Analysis ! 613-727-5853 (fax)


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