I needed to talk to the database from an app that builds in Visual Studio 2010 only at the moment.
The binary that EnterpriseDB provides for windows was built with VS2005 I think and causes the weird error linking of "cannot open Files.obj" (there is no Files.cpp)

I was able to download the source and get just libpq.lib (and the dll) built and am testing it in my project, it loads and sends queries to DB.

I downloaded source and ran the "perl mkvcbuild.pl"
I opened solution in VS2008 letting it convert project.
I opened in VS2010 and let it convert the VS2008 project.
Now I added to the linker properties for the libpq project ws2_32.lib,secur32.lib,wldap32.lib and then the libpq.def file

I built just the libpq project and am using the libpq.lib it created.

I hope we get the full build later, I really need to remove a lot of cruft for an embedded target.

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