Sorry, I messed up and emailed this only to Dimitri.

--- Begin forwarded message from Alvaro Herrera ---
From: Alvaro Herrera <>
To: Dimitri Fontaine <>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:13:58 -0300
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] ALTER OBJECT any_name SET SCHEMA name

Excerpts from Dimitri Fontaine's message of mié nov 03 13:10:12 -0300 2010:
Then, I think the ALTER EXTENSION foo SET SCHEMA name still has a use
case, so I've prepared a simple patch to show the API usage before we
get to refactor it all following Tom's asking. So there's a initial
patch to see that in action. I had to rework AlterFunctionNamespace()
API so that I can call it from elsewhere in the backend where I have
Oids, so here's an updated set_schema.4.patch. We will have to extend
the APIs for relations and types the same way, but it's already possible
to test the patch with some extensions this way.
Before I noticed that you were going to rework this patch completely, I
cleaned it up a bit; attached (probably just for your amusement)

I was looking at this patch 'cause someone asked for the ability to do
CREATE TEMP <OBJECT> for objects that currently don't support it. I
thought this might be related.

--- End forwarded message ---

Álvaro Herrera <>

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