Dear friends,

PgAdmin provides new features for dropping/creating functions, triggers and
views and relinking the whole system without restarting PostgreSQL.
By now, this new feature is only available as a patch to PgAdmin

If you are curious reading the code, download and install the patch.
Don't use the patch on production systems, because there are still a lot of
Otherwise, wait until Dave Page integrates the code in the CVS.
I will inform you by mail when you can start using this new feature.

When all this is implemented in PgAdmin, I will also provide you with
PL/pgSQL code to perform the same things server-side.
By now, I don't really know if we can run all this stuff in a single
transaction. Any idea?

Help welcome on PgAdmin project, we need volunteers and feedback
We are always looking for beta testers, new members and developers.

Some great new features that will transform PgAdmin into the most advanced
IDE for PostgreSQL:
- query/code loader in WDDX format for use in Php/C++/Perl/VB.
- postgresql packages.
- syntax checking and highlighting.

And also:
- PL/SQL Universal Schema: a set of PL/SQL functions to administer/migrate
from/to Oracle, PostgreSQL and Ms SQL Server transparently.
If you are interested by PL/SQL Universal Schema, why not open a new branch
on PostgreSQL CVS, otherwise I will host the project on Greatbridge.
Environments such as Php or Klyx should be able to administer databases
without the use of odbc and Microbsoft stuff.
- PostgreSQL WDDX support (seems easy, is it really?).
- I do not agree that the ALTER FUNCTION etc... should be delayed to 7.2
release. By now, it is impossible to do serious development without
breaking dependencies somewhere. PostgreSQL is intended for end-users, right ?

Other information: I do not work for Greatbridge, these are complete and
pure GPL open source contributions.
So, don't hesitate to visit which provides
excellent tools for developers.

Greetings from Jean-Michel POURE, Paris, France
Axitrad, CEO

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