I hope that I am not wasting your time, I tried to restore a part of a database
and I faced couple of obstacles. First of all, I tried to restore a certain set
of schemas without restoring a certain relations. I wanted to do that in order
to create some automated dummy data for testing. There is no option in
pg_restore to do that so I started to restore it using the -n and -t options.
There are two things, here
1. When I tried to restore a table which has a dependency I get errors, I think
pg_restore can be improved here by having an option to restore the dependencies
if they are not existed.
2. when I resetored a table in a certain schema which has a dependency on
another table in the public schema, pg restore was not able to find this table
(the one in the public schema) and I get an error.

i.e pg_restore ..... -n schema1 -t table1 ...

error tablex does not exist... (I do not remember the exact format and message)

My question, is there is an easier way to do that, - I will have a look on
pg_dump to see if I can achieve this task by combining both tools. Also, I am
wondering if I am doing something wrong here.

Thanks in advance

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