yes, 128 MB is pretty pretty small.

Maybe the HP Smart Array P800 controller would be a better choice(if you
need an hp product).

BTW how many harddisks are you using ? Wich RAID ? I am using ext3 as a
filesystem (but you have to use the new linux kernels).
Try to use another filesystem then ext2.

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internal cache & dedicated battery

On 8/22/07, Dmitry Koterov wrote:
Also, the controller is configured to use 75% of its memory for write
caching and 25% - for read caching. So reads cannot flood writes.
128 Meg is a pretty small cache for a modern RAID controller. I
wonder if this one is just a dog performer.

Have you looked at things like the Areca or Escalade with 1g or more
cache on them?

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