Dear All,

I use '$libdir/lo' for manage my Large Object for PostgreSQL 8.0.4 . Now I try to up my PostgreSQL to new version as 8.1.1 but I think I got some error about lo (Large Object).

lo (Large Object) function that normally shown in function list now disappear. I'm sure that I already check on Large Object box when I install. I found some information on about lo function. PostgreSQL has many new lo function that I never use in version 8.0.4 and some function I have use is not found (lo_in , lo_out).

Could you please advise me how to manage lo (Large Object) in PostgreSQL 8.1.1? (Normally I use VB6 as develop tool.)
And I'm not sure about my old lo (Large Object) data. How can I restore it for use in PostgreSQL 8.1.1?

Thank you

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