Hi Alvaro,

I just compiled version 9.1.3 and got quite the same error.

I still do not have any clue what to change, as the compile runs successfully without any error.

Regards Wilfried

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Von: Alvaro Herrera
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Betreff: Fwd: AW: [BUGS] BUG #6334: initdb not working

I'm forwarding a reply I got to my personal email. I have no idea what
to do with this report. The interesting extract from the attached log
file is:

initializing dependencies ... ok
creating system views ... FATAL: column "?column?" specified more than once
* PostgreSQL System Views
* Copyright (c) 1996-2011, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
* src/backend/catalog/system_views.sql


Wilfried: please CC the list in replies always.

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From: "Weiss, Wilfried" <wilfried.weiss@nsg.com>
To: Alvaro Herrera <alvherre@commandprompt.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 09:38:16 -0300
Subject: AW: [BUGS] BUG #6334: initdb not working

Hi Alvaro,

sorry for answering so late.

I asked my AIX systems administrator for support on this issue. However they had no idea what kind of strace I could run to get more detailed information.

Could you please give me any advice how to trace this bug?

Attached you find the debugging output of initdb. This is the only information I have at the moment. Maybe this helps a little bit.

Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Wilfried Weiss

A+W Basis Administration
IS Group Services
Pilkington Deutschland AG
NSG Group
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Von: Alvaro Herrera
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An: Weiss, Wilfried
Cc: Pg Bugs
Betreff: Re: [BUGS] BUG #6334: initdb not working

Excerpts from Wilfried.Weiss's message of mié dic 14 03:36:25 -0300 2011:
The following bug has been logged on the website:

Bug reference: 6334
Logged by: Wilfried Weiss
Email address: Wilfried.Weiss@nsg.com
PostgreSQL version: 9.1.2
Operating system: AIX 5300-12-04-1119

I successfully compiled 9.1.2 using IBM xlc 9.0 and gnu make 3.80-1. When
trying to initialise the database, no directory structure is created. I used
parameter -d for more debug info but did not find any useful hint why initdb
is not working. I am using PostgreSQL since Version 7.0.4, but that never
happened to me.
With the amount of info in this report, it seems quite unlikely that we
would be able to come up with an explanation. Maybe the operating
system is silently failing the mkdir() calls. Would you run it under
some sort of strace equivalent?

--- End forwarded message ---

Álvaro Herrera <alvherre@alvh.no-ip.org>


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  • Weiss, Wilfried at Mar 27, 2012 at 9:24 am
    After lots of testing I finally found that the described combination of
    software components is not working.

    It seems that IBM C-Compiler xlc 9.0 is at its end of life.

    In the meantime I changed my environment:

    AIX from 5.300-12-03-1119 to AIX 6100-05-05-1112

    PostgreSQL 9.1.2 to PostrgreSQL 9.1.3

    IBM C-Compiler xlc 9.0 to IBM C-Compiler xlc 11.1

    I can now confirm that the issue with initdb disappeared.

    Everything is working fine, again.

    However it is very sad that there is so few AIX support on this site :-(

    Best Regards


  • Heikki Linnakangas at Mar 27, 2012 at 10:07 am

    On 27.03.2012 12:24, Weiss, Wilfried wrote:
    Everything is working fine, again. Great!
    However it is very sad that there is so few AIX support on this site :-(
    Making sure that PostgreSQL compiles and works on all platforms is a
    voluntary community effort. If you can spare some cycles, you should
    consider setting up an AIX box as a PostgreSQL buildfarm member. That
    will ensure that if someone makes a change to PostgreSQL that won't work
    on AIX, the developers notice it right away and can fix it. Maintaining
    a buildfarm member takes very little effort after setup, see
    https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PostgreSQL_Buildfarm_Howto. An AIX box
    would be a welcome addition to the buildfarm, there is only one AIX
    member currently, and it uses gcc rather xlc.

    Heikki Linnakangas
    EnterpriseDB http://www.enterprisedb.com

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