MyJSQLView Version 3.23 Released

The MyJSQLView project is pleased to provide the release of Version
3.23 to the public. The release is minor in relation to the PostgreSQL
community, but does mark additions to the plugin architecture. The
group has abandoned the practice of not including some of the open
source plugins for the application that it produces. The last release of
the application did not include the TableFieldProfiler plugin with
MyJSQLView and as a result the downloads of that plugin amounted
to less then 5% of the total MyJSQLView downloads. The group
thought users were really missing out on a valuable tool which had
been expanded and included internationalization. So the TableFieldProfiler
is now included with the standard MyJSQLView download.

This release of MyJSQLView has also enhanced the plugin architecture
by letting users manually load plugins from alternative directories
than the default lib/plugins directory. You will find access to the Plugin
Management Tool in the top main tab menu for the application.
Speaking of plugins, developers will now find the Plugin Basics
Tutorial has been updated and an advanced one has also been created
under the documentation of the web site.

Since this is a release that supports a new database make sure and
check out the additional entries that have been given for the connection
parameters in the example reference myjsqlview.xml file. We would
also like to let you know that a new database is available at the
web site for the US Congress. The data set is of the legislative
branches' representatives, courtesy of Sunlight Labs.

Dana M. Proctor
MyJSQLView Project Manager

MyJSQLView provides an easy to use open source Java based interface
for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting entries in a PostgreSQL database.
A query frame allows the building of complex SELECT SQL statements.
The application allows easy sorting, searching, and import/export of table

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