MyJSQLView Version 3.22 Released

The MyJSQLView project is pleased to provide the release of
Version 3.22 to the public. The release marks the completion of
the architecture for a modular plugin framework with a threaded
loader. New to the v3.22 release is the ability to generate a PDF
document of the summary table data. The code has also undergone
a major rebuild to bring the application into compliance with the
Java 1.5 API. The program will now need to be run on a platform
that has the at least the JRE 5.0.

A note to users that the MyJSQLView application will now no
longer come with any plugin modules. For the past two releases
the Table Field Profiler was included as part of the download,
but users will now need to download that plugin and others
separately. The good news is the project has been able to fully
expand the Table Field Profiler module to include a table field
analysis panel. Please see the Plugins section of the MyJSQLView's
Web Page to gain access to the module.

Dana M. Proctor
MyJSQLView Project Manager

MyJSQLView provides an easy to use open source Java based interface
for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting entries in a PostgreSQL
A query frame allows the building of complex SELECT SQL statements.
The application allows easy sorting, searching, and import/export of table

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