EMS Company is pleased to announce PostgreSQL Manager 3.0 for Windows -- the new major version of the powerful PostgreSQL administration and development tool!

You can download PostgreSQL Manager 3.0 for Windows at: http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/postgresql/manager/download

You can purchase PostgreSQL Manager 3.0 for Windows at: http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/postgresql/manager/buy

If you are a registered user of PostgreSQL Manager for Windows and you didn't receive the notification letter with upgrade instruction, please contact our Sales Department at: sales@sqlmanager.net

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 3.0?

Latest PostgreSQL versions support

- Compatible with any PostgreSQL server version up to 8.0.
- Changing column types
- Tablespaces support
- Support of argument names in functions
- Support of dollar-quoted strings

Significantly improved user interface

- Office 11 and Windows XP visual schemes support.
- New well-described Wizard System.
- New useful Navigation Bars in most of the windows.
- New Windows Toolbar to switch between windows easily, like Windows Task Bar.

Improved Database Explorer

- Creating tabs for any tree node to access it in one-click!
- Work with multiple selected objects at a time.
- Much more convenient toolbar and context menu.

Completely remade Visual Database Designer

- Obvious new look.
- Two diagram notations (IDEF1x and IE).
- Improved diagram navigation.
- Several pages in one diagram to divide diagram into different subject areas.
- A lot of visual customization options.

New powerful data management tools

- Plenty of useful tools such as data grouping, summarizing, fast searching and filtering.
- Master-Detail View to work with two linked tables at the same time.
- Table and Card Views to see data the way you like.
- Ability to copy and paste selected records.
- Advanced printing system.
- Fully customizable interface.

New connection options

- Connect through HTTP tunnel. Access to PostgreSQL Server through HTTP protocol in case of Internet access through HTTP proxy only, or if the server doesn't allow direct connections to PostgreSQL.
- SSL connections support to encrypt client/server communications for increased security. Most suitable in case of Internet connection.

Improved report management

- New Create Report Wizard allows you to create simple report in a few clicks.
- Managing reports the same way as if it was a database object: accessing reports directly through DB Explorer tree.

What is PostgreSQL Manager?

EMS PostgreSQL Manager™ is a powerful tool for PostgreSQL® Database Server administration and development. PostgreSQL Manager works with any PostgreSQL versions up to 8.0 and supports all of the latest PostgreSQL features including tablespaces, argument names in functions, changing column types and dollar-quoted strings. It offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and powerful BLOB editor to satisfy all their needs. PostgreSQL Manager has a new state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.

We hope you'll enjoy our products.

Thanks for your attention.
EMS Software Development, LLC.

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