phpPgAdmin 3.1 beta 1 is now available for general consumption. The main
aim of this release is to allow translators to get their translators up to
date, and to get more widespread testing of the new features, especially
against Postgresql 7.0 and 7.1.

You can download here:


Please send us any bugs you find.

New Features:

* Add first & last links to nav. Double number of pages shown.
* Allow granting privileges WITH GRANT OPTION for 7.4
* Allow revoking GRANT OPTION with CASCADE option for 7.4
* Display new PostgreSQL 7.4 grant options and grantor in privileges
* Find object feature
* Support for domains in 7.3 and domain constraints and alter domain in 7.4
* Add/drop users to/from groups
* Alter (rename) triggers
* Pop-up SQL window from Mark Gibson
* Superusers can always see all databases
* Default database encoding for languages
* Convert our images to PNG format
* Allow creating tables WITHOUT OIDS
* Show boolean values as TRUE or FALSE when viewing data
* Allow renaming table and changing table owner
* Refresh feature on table browse
* Support better formatted view dumps in 7.4
* When browsing data, numeric types are aligned right
* Ability to create unique and partial indexes
* View and edit table comments
* Changed XML format significantly. Now doesn't use field names as
tag names, outputs column type information, and is in correct XML format!
* Save result sets as views and reports in most cases
* Download the results of selects and reports
* Tick all box on Select feature
* Export in HTML format
* Allow listing of operators
* Add a robots.txt file to prevent search engine indexation
* Can now safely edit row based on OID. Guards are in place against
duplicate OIDs.
* Works properly if you have cookies disabled

Bug Fixes:

* Lots of NULL value in table dump fixes (XML format changed slightly)
* Boolean default values and general boolean field handling fixes
* Support zero column tables
* Correctly display the contents of bytea fields
* Consider information_schema to be a system object
* Remember fields if index creation fails
* Fix saving and loading function volatility
* Don't list domains under types
* Lots of reports fixes (titles, page reloads, etc.)
* Selecting for NULL values in Select feature


* Italian translation update from Nicola Soranzo
* German update from Markus Bertheau
* Spanish update from Martin Marques
* Trad. Chinese update from Chih-Hsin Lee
* Russian update from Step
* Slovak update from Andrej
* Polish update from Rafal
* Swedish translation from Stefan Malqvist
* Turkish update from Devrim Gunduz
* German update from Markus Bertheau
* Traditional Chinese update from Chih-Hsin Lee
* Spanish update from Martin


The phpPgAdmin Team

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