The Melati Team are pleased to announce the first beta release of Melati.

Melati can be downloaded from SourceForge
( or

Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed websites backed by a database
(currently only Postgresql 7).
It provides the following features:

o- a generic database administration system, allowing the site manager to
edit both the contents and the structure of the database through a simple
web based interface.

o- rapid templating mechanism, using "templets" (sub-templates) for
rendering interface elements (eg HTML input boxes, dropdowns), and providing
an easy interface with persistent objects.

o- close integration with the Webmacro templating engine (

o- cookie-based or HTTP-based login provoked automatically by access control

o- full integration with POEM (Persistent Object Engine for Melati). POEM

o- industrial-strength open source object database technology, delivering
ODMG 3.0 compliant Java support.

o - an API where the database to be seen as a collection of Java objects,
via a (genuinely!) easy-to-use transparent persistence layer on top of JDBC.

o - a low level security model allowing restrictions to be placed on tables,
rows and fields.

Melati is Open Source Software and is released under a dual ASF Style / GPL
licenses. Please join the mailing lists if you are interested.

This beta release offers the following improvements over Alpha versions of

o - Testing and numerous bug fixes
o - Now available as a downloadable zip / tar.gz.
o - Precompiled melati-snapshot.jar allowing easier install.
o - Ant build script
o - Mailing list hosted on SourceForge
o - More documentation
o - Revised licensing - Dual ASF / GPL licensing.


Tim Joyce

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