Hi All,

We are running postgresql version 7.3.4. Due to some problem, i was asked to restart the postgres. when i try to restart the postgres i did not start and gave the following error message.

Log : database system was interrupted being in recovery at 2005-01-04 20:41:00 UTC

This probably means that some data blocks are corrupted and you will have to use the last backup for recovery.

Log : checkpoint record is at 4/F63FE7D8
Log : redo record is at 4/F6098DB4;undo record is at 010;shutdown FALSE
Log : next transaction ID: 19841293 : next oid : 2329873
Log : database system was not properly shutdown;automatic recovery in progress
Log : redo starts at 4/F6098BD4
PANIC : Invalid page header in block 12640 of 2091305
Log : startup process (pid 1851) was terminated by signal 6
Log : aborting startup due to startup process failure.

Please help us to find a way to start the postgres without going for the re-installation of it.

Thanks & Regards
Murugan Kalicharan S

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