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I'm working on and I ran
into something strange.
The issue is that Pig crashes with a Java Exception on a specific feature
in the Avro format (I attached a 225 byte file to the issue that shows the
I created a file with that feature and when I run the following lines it
correctly fails by throwing an Exception.

* REGISTER 'piggybank.jar'*
* in = LOAD '**
* USING ();*
* STORE in INTO 'output';*

So I added a jUnit test method to the project that I intended to be
identical that looks like this:

* @Test*
* public void testStringTypeOverride() throws IOException {*
* // Verify that load succeeds with a string field where the storage
class is not Utf8.*
* String testStringTypeOverrideFile =
* String output = outbasedir + "testStringTypeOverride";*
* deleteDirectory(new File(output));*
* String [] queries = {*
* " in = LOAD '" + testStringTypeOverrideFile + "' USING ();",*
* " STORE in INTO '" + output + "';"*
* };*
* testAvroStorage( queries);*
* }*

Now I expect that since the current code has not been changed the same
Exception should occur.
But it doesn't.

When I run the unit tests then this test simply passes.

It says:
* Successfully read records from:


The only difference I see is that the script is using Grunt and the test is
using PigServer.
The crash is in the Avro reading part of Pig so I think both should use the
same code (and thus both should crash).

Does any one have a clue what I missed?

Best regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,

Niels Basjes

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