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Hello PigUsers,

I¹m running a series of Pig scripts from a java program, and I find that
it¹s tough to swap out configurations

For instance,
- when I run a local build I¹d like to run pig in local mode,
- when I run an automated build I¹d like to connect to a QA Hadoop cluster,
- when I deploy to prod I¹d like to connect to a larger Production cluster.

I was under the impression that the PigServer(ExecType, Properties)
consturctor would let me set "" and "mapred.job.tracker" -
which would accomplish exactly what I want - I could externalize those
properties and swap them out depending on the environment. However, it looks
like HExecutionEngine is going to try to pick the XML files up regardless of
what I put into the constructor argument for Properties.
(ref: line 167 of HExecutionEngine)

Does anyone know..
1) If there's a way to programmatically set ""/
"mapred.job.tracker" WITHOUT requiring XML files to be in the classpath?
2) What does the properties parameter in PigServer(ExecType, Properties) do?
I could find it anywhere in the javadocs or the source code - I would be
happy to update the javadocs if someone can help me figure out what this is

Thank you,
- Andrew

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