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I am wanting to make a writer that will, using the field names, look into an
HBase table and compare fields using field names:



raw = LOAD 'My_File' USING PigStorage('|') AS (key, field1, field2, field3,

STORE raw INTO 'My_File-results' USING'Mart_Name');

so I found some reference to checkSchema() but I am unable to figure out
what to do with ResourceSchema. I have tried:
- getFields() and for each get name but got nothing
- fieldNames() but that is empty
- setting the fields I want via setFields() but nothing changed

maybe I am way off base, I was hoping more for a Tuple getFieldNames()
function that gave me a String list in the same order as the Tuple.

I have searched for 4 hours and am unable to find anything on how I would do
it, sorry if it is obvious and I didn't find it.

- Nathan

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