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The "official" Elephant-Bird is now at version 2.0. The bump up from
the 1.x series is due to a backwards-incompatible upgrade for Pig 0.8+

If you are still using Pig 0.6, the 1.x line can be found at the
following branch:

Recent changelist is pasted below. Thanks to all who contributed!

Elephant Bird
Version 2.0.0

NO TICKET. Upgrade Pig compatibility to 0.8 (dvryaboy)

Version 1.2.6

ISSUE 50. Add dynamic Thrift to Proto conversion (dvryaboy)

ISSUE 49. Add "deprecated" lzo b64 input/output support for Thrift
(sigmoids via rangadi)

Version 1.2.5

ISSUE 46. ThriftToPig : don't wrap STRUCT in another tuple for schema. (rangadi)

ISSUE 43. NPE in BlockWriter. (rangadi)

ISSUE 42. Couple of useful tweaks to DeprecatedLzoInputFormats. (avibryant)

ISSUE 40. Fix ThriftUtils use of classLoader. (rangadi)

NO TICKET. Use generic protoloader instead of requiring pre-generated
ProtobufLoaders. (dvryaboy)

Version 1.2.4

ISSUE 38. Thrift-To-Pig reimplementation. (rangadi)

ISSUE 37. upgrade common-codec from 1.3 to 1.4 to explictly eliminate
misuse. (angushe)

ISSUE 36. Use Pig class loader in Lzo Pig loader/storage (rangadi)

Version 1.2.3

ISSUE 35. Fixes to B64Line Pig Loader.

ISSUE 34. Typos in "Thrift"

Version 1.2.2

NO TICKET. Protobuf Pig storage : do not reuse builder object.

Version 1.2.1

ISSUE 28. Equals is now consistent with CompareTo for
ProtobufWritables (rangadi)

ISSUE 30. Handle Boolean and Bytes in ProtobufStorage, and add
generators. (rangadi)

ISSUE 30. Handle Thrift binary and double types in ThriftToPig schema (rangadi)

ISSUE 30. Deprecated Json Input format and Thrift byte to Tuple UDF (rangadi)

NO TICKET. Add JsonLoader (without LZO) and JsonStringToMap UDF (dvryaboy)

ISSUE 28. Make ProtobufWritable have stable hashCode() implementation (dvryaboy)

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