Start Date: 2010-6-19
End Date: 2010-6-20
Country: GBR
Category: Training
URL: http://www.wellho.net/course/xafull.html

This is the less advanced of two weekend courses on PHP especially
intended for the leisure market / hobbyist - the person who puts web
sites together for fun and wants to enjoy him/herself while learning. A
little prior knowledge of HTML is required, but you don't need to known
any PHP when you arrive.

* Learning to Progam * Introduction to PHP * A First PHP Web Page *
Variables, Operators and Expressions * Control Statements * Functions *
Arrays * String Handling in PHP * HTML Web Page Data Handling * Complete
example - Registering for a get-together *

Well House Consultants has run PHP courses for a number of years, and
we became so successful in niche open source training that we opened a
hotel - moving into the hospitality business with a fully staffed hotel
as well as trainers. So on these weekends, you'll be looked after both
technically and out of the training room.

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    This event has been approved. It will appear on the PHP website shortly.

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