This problem was solved and the mirror is being updated at this time.

Best regards,

Noel Rocha
Network Manager
K8 Networks - Digirati/Hostnet


Our automatic mirror site check was unable to reach
the PHP.net mirror site maintained by you for three or more days
now, *or* have found a permanent fatal error in your mirror
Therefore our bot automatically disabled your listing as an
official PHP.net mirror site.

The last error message stored for your mirror is:
Content has been out of date for 10 days. Manually disabled.

Please correct the problem or reply to this mail with your
questions, if you think that the problem is not on your side.
Your mirror will be kept disabled until the error is fixed.

Mail sent out by the PHP.net automatic mirror site monitoring

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  • Daniel Brown at Apr 27, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 14:09, Admin wrote:

    This problem was solved and the mirror is being updated at this time.
    Thanks for your excellent work and the continued generosity of
    your company, Noel. I've reinstated your mirror and it should appear
    in rotation as soon as the automatic checks all pass, which I expect
    that they will.

    Thanks again!

    </Daniel P. Brown>
    daniel.brown@parasane.net || danbrown@php.net
    http://www.parasane.net/ || http://www.pilotpig.net/

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