I am new to the list and just got done doing a search through the
archives to try and get an idea on where things stand in regards to
annotation support in PHP. Although I did find some interesting debates,
I was not really able to conclude one way or the other what the plan is.

I've noticed some patches that have been submitted to the rfc wiki which
have been declined, and I am seeing a lot of mixed feelings on whether
or not PHP 'should' support them.

What is the official position on annotations? I for one would really
like to see this supported. I have been experimenting with
annotations/interceptors in my framework for the last year or so, and I
love them. The only problem I have is performance - this needs to be
handled in the core.

One thing I figured I would mention, is it seems like most people want
annotations to be part of the reflection package. While this makes sense
in the context of annotations, I think this would prevent annotations
from being used as the foundation to interceptors, since a class level
interceptor would need to get executed before the intercepted class is
instantiated. As I understand reflection to work today, this would not
be possible.

I'm more than happy to contribute to an extension with those who share
similiar feelings.

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