The first release candidates of 5.3.7 was just released for
testing and can be downloaded here:

http://downloads.php.net/johannes/php-5.3.7RC1.tar.bz2 (md5sum:
http://downloads.php.net/johannes/php-5.3.7RC1.tar.gz (md5sum:

The Windows binaries are available at: http://windows.php.net/qa/

This is the first step in the release process of this versions and the
goal is to have an additional RC within two weeks. PHP 5.3.7 is focused
on improving the stability and security. To ensure that the release is
solid, please test this RC against your code base and report any
problems that you encounter.

To find out what was changed since the last release please refer to the
NEWS file found within the archive or on

PLEASE NOTE: The PHP Bug tracker is currently not available. In case you
find a critical issue don't hesitate to send me a note. If the issue
can't wait till bugs.php.net is operational again you can also inform
. In case your report is security
related please contact .

Windows users please mind that we don't provide VS6 builds anymore since
PHP 5.3.6. When using the openssl extension please mind a known
regression which might lead to a performance degression. This regression
will be fixed with RC2 and the final release.

Johannes Schlüter
PHP 5.3 Release Master

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