Hi everybody,
Hope you all are fine.

I am trying to create some small SAPI application that should serve specific
network requests. Everything went well at the beginning. But I've noticed
that application is slowly eating memory while left alone for some time.
Moreover, when application is serving around 100 simultaneous requests
memory losses are becoming dramatic and application crashes in the end. At
the other hand if I limit number of threads on SAPI to, let's say, five,
application looks like being capable of working forever.

At first I was thinking that is a memory leak inside of my code. I started
to remove parts of the code to isolate the problem and at the end in my
request handling function I had only four lines of code left:
return 0;

Surprisingly my problem did not go away. I was trying to solve this thing
for weeks now. I am rather new to all this php and zend stuff and I suspect
I am doing something wrong with php initialization. Can anybody be a nice
person and help me out here?

Best Regards,
Yuriy Mykula

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