It's a shame that icu is generated with a lot of cruft and while it
can be built in a static library (archive) format, it has linking
issues because the build itself is a hack.

It seems that icu is a difficult build for shared libraries
(impossible for the average user) but shared libraries have less
linking issues.

I spent some time repackaging it as a libtool type build so I could
generate proper shared libraries with runtime paths and proper
filename convention that work and don't suffer the linking issues of
the static libraries.

To aid development, use and implementation for Darwin/Mac OS X I've
generated a universal build (x86 and ppc) to avoid a lot of
headaches, perhaps this can be made available through the php site?

I can package as a tar.gz file or a Mac OS X specific installer (the
later is probably preferred to prevent a faulty installation by un-
taring in an improper location) or I could toss it if you feel it
isn't worth the time/effort to aid development/use for Darwin/Mac OS X.

One other note, it seems that the latest PHP-6 from CVS doesn't
build, it generates a faulty configure script and API changes prevent
all kinds of included extensions from building or generating a
working binary.

mysql is one example of an extension that refuses to build dumping
errors from ext/mysqlnd (too many to list).

I haven't taken the time to go through the current CVS code yet, I
reverted to an older CVS I downloaded a little while back that seemed
to build without major issues
(SEE: http://daleenterprise.com/info.php) and with a couple of edits
I managed to get several pecl extensions to build thus giving me
something useable to run on a test platform.

There seems to be an issue with "Registered PHP Streams", "Registered
Stream Socket Transports" and "Registered Stream Filters" however it
may just be cosmetic but something that also needs looking into.

Even my own self extensions seem to work in PHP6 so using the basic
php-5.2.x API seems to carry through without issues.
(SEE: http://daleenterprise.com/amavis-stats/index.php?

I haven't processed the rar extension yet (I have a client who relies
on it) so it's on my todo project list.

I see that memcache isn't included, is it no longer supported/
required or is it safe to rework it for the API changes in PHP-6 (too-
late, already done and testing)?

I see lots of errors in the log about "phpinfo() [function.phpinfo]:
charset `utf8' not supported, assuming iso-8859-1 in /www/localhost/
info.php", I do have /default_charset = "iso-8859-1"/ set but it
doesn't seem to make any difference.

-- BuildSmart

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