As I mentioned in my last email, we've developed a custom extension for a
site, that uses a resource that belongs to the mysql extension. Sara kindly
helped me with the "using the mysql resource" part, but now we're having a
strange issue. Everything works in Windows and Unix with PHP5, but when
trying to generate the extension DLL in Windows for PHP4 (using VC++ 6.0),
we get runtime errors when calling the mysql_real_query. I supposed it had
to do with PHP4 bundling its own libmysql version, but I tried compiling our
extension against that same version (same directory) and it also fails.

Does anyone know what's happening?

Thank you very much in advance.

Mauro Nicolás Infantino
[email protected]
Vera 568 - BA - Argentina :: 54 11 4857 6585 :: www.digbang.com

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