Apologies for breaking into a new thread, but I wanted to highlight the
different nature of this post.
PHP's ./configure needs to be fixed of course, though for now the
suggested patches are a bit suboptimal iirc. I would like to give it a
shot, but I'll need to have access to a linux running on 64bit first

New York PHP (http://www.nyphp.org) is running an AMD64 project,
specifically to provide this type of environment, and to get PHP kosher
on the platform. Thanks to Mike DeWitt of NYPHP and AMD, we have a dev.
box currently running SuSE. Once we're done with SuSE, we'll be
rotating other distros and operating systems (FreeBSD, Windows,
whatever-people-want) for testing and development purposes.

Derick, please contact me off-list for a username for the box.

I extend this invitation to anyone else needing to hammer some things
out for PHP on AMD64. For that matter, any open source project is
welcome. If you'd like a different OS than SuSE, just let us know.
Myself and others from NYPHP are managing the box to ensure people don't
step on each other's toes.

Right now, configuring and installing PHP from source is our priority
(MySQL and Apache didn't have any problems) but we'll queue and schedule
people's requests if it requires exclusive access to the server, or some
specific environment.

Note to those who think this is a free shell for abuse: Wrong. We
watch activity on the box and it's across the office from me. If
there's a problem, I yank the cord and publicly embarrass the person
abusing it :)

Hans Zaunere
President, Founder
New York PHP

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