Hello, all!

I just opened the Bug <https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=72095> #72095
Undefined constant GLOB_BRACE while doc-base/configure.php.

I already have karma to commit into phpdoc,
http://people.php.net/rogeriopradoj, but I'd like to discuss it before.

The suggested patch in attached to bug and to this message as well.

Do you think it's ok to "merge"?


Rogerio Prado de Jesus


When running doc-base/configure.php (as pointed in
http://doc.php.net/tutorial/editing.php) for any language (en or
translations), in Alpine Linux, 3 error messages are thrown, 1 notice
and 2 warnings:

$ php doc-base/configure.php --enable-xml-details
Iterating over extension specific version files... PHP Notice: Use of
undefined constant GLOB_BRACE - assumed 'GLOB_BRACE' in
/php-manual/doc-base/configure.php on line 573
PHP Warning: glob() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in
/php-manual/doc-base/configure.php on line 573
PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/php-manual/doc-base/configure.php on line 573

The message "All good. Saving .manual.xml… done." is shown in the end,
anyway we could make these errors disappear.

Researching a little I found that this happens in Alpine Linux because
seems that it doesn't support GLOB_BRACE since it is using musl libc
instead of GNU libc.
The workaround is not hard to implement

Instead of using directly

... GLOB_BRACE ...

it's just to check if it's defined before otherwise defaults to 0, like this:

... defined('GLOB_BRACE') ? GLOB_BRACE : 0 ...

As shown above, it's the way the issue was solved in Zend Framework.


As Alpine Linux is going to get more attention mainly because of
Docker based environments because it's very lightweight
(https://www.brianchristner.io/docker-is-moving-to-alpine-linux/), I
guess this workaround proposed is worth to have here as well.

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