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For a moment the young mother put her little son aside and looked at her brother with brooding eyes. A little later she said with apparent irrelevance, Jehiel, as soon as youre a man grown, Ill help you to get off. You shall be a sailor, if you like, and go around the world, and bring back coral to baby and me.
And always the pine tree had grown, insolent in the pride of a creature set in the right surroundings. The imprisoned man had felt himself dwarfed by its height. But now, he looked up at it again, and laughed aloud. It had come late, but it had come. He was fifty-seven years old, almost three-score, but all his life was still to be lived. He said to himself that some folks lived their lives while they did their work, but he had done all his tasks first, and now he could live. The unexpected arrival of the timber merchant and the sale of that piece of land hed never thought would bring him a cent -- was not that an evident sign that Providence was with him? He was too old and broken now to work his way about as he had planned at first, but here had come this six hundred dollars like rain from the sky. He would start as soon as he could sell his stock.
Dative -- MeinEM gutEN Freund, to my good friend. Accusative -- MeinEN gutEN Freund, my good friend.

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