From: fusion@factmusic.com
Operating system: W2K
PHP version: 4.1.1
PHP Bug Type: Java related
Bug description: Unable to create Java Virtual Machine

This has been mentioned many times before, but I'd like to keep the issue
fresh. I have tried everything I can think of but still eventually end up
with the infamous "Unable to create Java Virtual Machine" after a
successful run of a few minutes. It seems that if I keep clicking it will
keep running, but if I let it idle for a while then I get the lovely

This is using the pre-compiled .ZIP file (manual installation) with Apache
1.3.22. I doubt this makes a difference as I have seen this issue coming
up on Linux as well as Win2K IIS systems. I've also observed Win98 people
expressing the same behavior.

I would LOVE to use this Java bridge feature - please tell me if and how it
can be done - my partner is suggesting we move away from PHP - give me some
fuel to stop that from happening!!


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