From: michael dot avila dot 1 at sbcglobal dot net
Operating system: WinXP Pro SP2
PHP version: 4.4.1
Package: Bug System
Bug Type: Bug
Bug description: PEAR Does Not Install

When installing PEAR under PHP 4.4.1 the pear installation installs
improperly. When I try to use it the return error says that either the
pear path is blank or the pear path has an extra /pear in it. I am not
proficent enough to make changes to fix this. I have tried the
installation more than 5 times. One thing I did notice is that the pear
installation for PHP 4.4.1 has PHP version 5 in the scripts. I know that
PHP 4 and 5 have a different directory structure.

Expected result:
I expected to be able to use pear to install pear packages.

Actual result:
I get an error that the pear path is blank or has an extra /pear in it. I
installed several times and one of those 2 results occur after the

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