Hi, my name is Alessandro 'Aronnax' Rossini and I want to inform you that our
project ZNF, a PHP5 Struts-like MVC framework, ships a PEAR compatible
packages. It has been also developed following the PEAR coding standards.
I will appreciate if you add a link to this project in the note (displayed in
the package listing) where you inform that a number of other PHP projects do
provide packages of their software.
The home page of the project is http://znf.zeronotice.com, here you will find
the download link for the PEAR compatible package.

Best regards.
Alessandro 'Aronnax' Rossini
web -> www.aronnax.it
e-mail -> aronnax@aronnax.it
icq -> 2442698
ZeroNotice IT Solutions -> www.zeronotice.com

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