Hi guys,

I was looking at the QA unoffical wiki, and noticed this page,

My question is XML_XPath is still a orphan ? because Dan Allen is a lead
of many more packages, and that makes one thing if they are also orphans
if XML_XPath is indeed a orphan.
XML_CSSML, System_Command are two others that might also be orphaned.
When thinking about this, I made up a list of those package that might
possible be orphaned (note, this is nothing from QA, because I'm not a
QA member, just what I _think_, and also pay attention to that QA still
doesn't have a Orphan RFC)

I only include package that have any bugs on them.

- XML_XPath
Last release in January 2004, 2 bugs
Last release was in May 2002, 2 bugs (One is a QA bug)
- System_Command
Last release was in March 2004, 2 bugs
- Net_UserAgent_Detect
Last release was in March 2004, 4 bugs
- Auth_SASL
Last release was in September 2003, 2 bugs
- Services_ExchangeRates
Last release was in February 2004, 3 bugs
- Net_DNS
Last release was in June 2003, 6 bugs

Most of those package I either picked randomly, used the last release
date + bugs to conclude if it might be orphan or not (or at least needed
a extra hand) and others there I had known of for some time

- Cache
Last release was in April 2004, 3 bugs (I know that Christian isn't
inactive, and he told me that he's interested in getting a extra hand
with that package)

Note, that some of those bugs can still be lurking there because the
authors don't remember them anymore, hence we need the bug summary stuff
(/me runs away :o) which I hope I'll find time to do soon enough.

Anyway maybe this little list of mine can be used as a side reference to
begin a little cleanup (still make the Orphan RFC first guys!)


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