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  ID: 17774
  Comment by: ildar
  Reported By: ildar dot aim@gmail.com
  Summary: Patch: Avoid deprecated function calls
  Status: Open
  Type: Feature/Change Request
  Package: Cache_Lite
  Package Version: SVN
  PHP Version: 5.3.1
  New Comment:


set_magic_quotes_runtime(), along with its alias magic_quotes_runtime(),
have been removed.

Previous Comments:

[2014-05-10 10:49:17] tacker

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[2013-01-06 17:19:06] borisovg

In case this helps anyone: having endured the deprecation warnings for
several months, I gave up and re-implemented a large chunk of Cache_Lite
in PHP5.


This is not a complete re-implementation, only the core of Lite.php and
Output.php as it is all I use.

It is not a drop-in replacement, as I have changed the names of some of
the options and and functions.


[2011-05-13 09:15:09] nahuel

I think, since this function is a deprecated one, Cache_Lite should not
use it, or at least use it, only if the PHP version support it as


[2010-08-24 03:08:57] doconnor

This represents a small BC break for old php with magic quotes on.

I think we should put it to the wider QA community to decide if we
should do this, and how widely we should publish the BC break (pear
blog? do a branch?)


[2010-08-21 01:59:07] olleolleolle

Added #patch


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