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ID: 19237
Updated by: pear@isc-ltd.co.uk
Reported By: pear at isc-ltd dot co dot uk
Summary: MDB2 fails to see data in mysql table
Status: Open
Type: Bug
Package: MDB2
Operating System: Windows 7
Package Version: 2.4.1
PHP Version: 5.3.9
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Apologies: a newbie error confusing patches with attachments.

Example code and output is at http://www.isc-ltd.co.uk/pear_19237.

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[2012-01-22 07:40:17] johnk_uk

Added #patch bug:19237;patch:example-code;revision:1327218017;.


[2012-01-22 07:34:14] johnk_uk

Test script uses MDB2 to create database, create table and insert data
into table. Table is then queried and no results returned. Native
connection is then established and retrieves data as expected. MDB2
succesfully deletes database.

Identical behaviour on OS X 10.7.2/PHP 5.3.6.

Test script:

Expected result:
$mdb2->queryAll("SHOW TABLES"); should return "beatles"

$mdb2->queryAll("SELECT * FROM beatles"); should return (1, "John"), (2,
"Paul", (3, "George"), (4, "Ringo")

Actual result:
Both queries return zero rows and do not report an error. Actual output
is attached.


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