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ID: 17741
Updated by: mike@silverorange.com
Reported By: mike at silverorange dot com
Summary: package.xml doesn't validate against pear package 2.0
-Status: Feedback
+Status: Closed
Type: Bug
Package: Net_Socket
Operating System: Irrelevant
Package Version: SVN
PHP Version: Irrelevant
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: gauthierm
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

-Status: Feedback
+Status: Closed
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: gauthierm
This bug has been fixed in SVN.

If this was a documentation problem, the fix will appear on pear.php.net
by the end of next Sunday (CET).

If this was a problem with the pear.php.net website, the change should
be live shortly.

Otherwise, the fix will appear in the package's next release.

Thank you for the report and for helping us make PEAR better.

Previous Comments:

[2011-12-29 04:03:56] gauthierm

This bug is fixed. If it's not closed in a week I will close it.


[2010-08-19 13:49:10] gauthierm

I tested installing Net_Socket SVN using Pyrus and it worked.


[2010-08-19 00:49:22] doconnor

-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to report a problem with the package.
This problem may have been already fixed by a previous change that
is in the SVN of the package. Please checking out the SVN
repository of this package and upgrade

svn checkout svn.php.net/repository/pear/packages/Net_Socket/trunk
pear upgrade package2.xml


pear upgrade package.xml

If you are able to reproduce the bug with the latest SVN,
please change the status back to "Open".
Again, thank you for your continued support of PEAR.

r302463 regenerates the package.xml with PFM_cli - give that a shot


[2010-08-19 00:48:49] doconnor

I lodged Bug #17744


[2010-08-19 00:39:00] doconnor

Pity: pear package-validate package.xml = happy; and I don't have 5.3+
to muck around with pyrus.



C:\work\pear\packages-all\Net_Socket>php c:\php\pfm

PEAR Package File Manager Command Line Tool

Please enter the location of your package [.]*:

Enter the base install directory

1) Net

Please choose an option: 1

PEAR Package File Manager Command Line Tool

1. Package name [Net_Socket]
2. Channel/URI [Channel: pear.php.net]
3. Summary [Network Socket Interface]
4. Description [Net_Socket is a class interface to
5. Maintainers
6. Version [Release: 1.0.10 API: 1.0.9]
7. Stability [Release: stable API: stable]
8. License [PHP License]
9. Notes [- Configurable newline sequence
10. Dependencies
11. Tasks
12. Regenerate contents
13. Echo package file to stdout
14. Save & Quit
15. Quit without saving (ctrl-c)

Please choose an option from the menu: 14

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in
e\v2\rw.php on line 1575



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the rest of the comments, please view the bug report online at

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