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ID: 16508
Updated by: danielc@analysisandsolutions.com
Reported By: wulf dot kaiser at mpimf-heidelberg dot mpg dot de
Summary: mdb2-2.5.0b1 not working with PHP 5.3.0
Status: Closed
Type: Bug
Package: MDB2
Operating System: Solaris 10 SPARC
Package Version: 2.5.0b2
PHP Version: 5.3.0
Assigned To: quipo
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

Note, these changes had side effects (bug #16508, bug #18978, and bug
#19148). Those problems have now been addressed.

Previous Comments:

[2010-08-29 12:45:05] quipo

MDB2 2.5.0b3 beta released.


[2010-08-24 21:38:36] slane00

Unfortunately, I am still getting this problem with:

MDB2 2.5.0b2 beta
MDB2_Driver_mysql 1.5.0b2 beta

Changing all =& to = in MDB2.php removes the error, but it may be the
wrong thing to do.

PHP 5.3.2, Apache 2, Mac OS 10.6.4.


[2010-05-21 16:57:00] dobedani

Hi there!
I'm new to PHP but not new to scripting. In the past weeks I have
migrated a web app based on MySQL to one based on Oracle. I also
introduced MDB2. On my own Windows XP machine, things were working well.
PHP version there is: ;-)

I got into trouble when I moved to the server - running Windows 2003
Server. When I deployed my app there, I was getting Deprecated warnings.
PHP version there is 5.3.0 :-(

To get rid of the warnings, I replaced '=&' with '=' on lines 390, 1885,
2572, 2595 and 2940. I understood that that was what the patch was
about. However, afterwards fetchRow was only returning empty rows!

For the mean time, I'm using HTML begin and end comment tags to stop
those warning from appearing on my webpages. I don't know how to
suppress them in another way. My php-error log is filling up though and
I'll need a better solution. However, it appears to me that the patch is
causing many more problems than it is solving. HTH

Kind regards,
Steven aka Dobedani


[2010-03-02 10:38:27] doconnor

-Status: Feedback
+Status: Closed
This bug has been fixed in SVN.

If this was a documentation problem, the fix will appear on pear.php.net
by the end of next Sunday (CET).

If this was a problem with the pear.php.net website, the change should
be live shortly.

Otherwise, the fix will appear in the package's next release.

Thank you for the report and for helping us make PEAR better.

Marking as fixed as per Lorenzo's comments


[2010-01-26 13:15:56] alec

PHP-5.3 + mysqli driver also was requested by Roundcube users.


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the rest of the comments, please view the bug report online at

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