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ID: 18466
Comment by: zane
Reported By: zane59anez at yahoo dot com
Summary: Cannot change more than 1 path during installation.
Status: Open
Type: Bug
Package: PEAR
Operating System: Windows XP SP3
Package Version: 1.9.2
PHP Version: 5_3 SVN-2011-04-20
New Comment:

i also had a prob with this on win 7 and not sure how to fix it with the
patch. if im supposed to replace the file on my local with the patch
then im outta luck becuase i dont even see that file in that path. can
some one help. im not dumb ...lol its just that this install is new to

Previous Comments:

[2011-08-17 12:55:55] metzed

I've also experienced this while attempting a new install today with
Windows 7. Anyone any idea why this hasn't been fixed?


[2011-07-12 12:11:41] rquadling

I've no idea why there is so much error suppression - maybe lazy dev.

Either way, the bug is a PITA.

And I don't know how to build PEAR to allow me to test my own fix.

As a test would require user input, I think just running PEAR on Windows
attempting to change more than 1 path would prove the issue.


[2011-07-12 01:38:06] doconnor

Out of curiosity and not being familiar with this part of the package;
why does it do so
much @suppression of warnings with unlinking/fclosing/etc?

Also; is it possible to make a small reproducible test case for this
one? (possibly not;
due to the use of static vars in a few places and the like)


[2011-04-20 17:05:50] rquadling

Added #patch


[2011-04-20 17:04:59] rquadling

During the initial installation of pear (using php -f go-
pear.phar), the second question relates to the directories to be

Changing one of them creates and invokes the bf.vbs script
which is saved into a temp folder in %TEMP%.

Attempting to change another directory results in the error ...

Input Error: Can not find script file "C:\Documents and

The cause of this is due to
core/trunk/PEAR/Start/CLI.php?view=markup#l257. The vbs
script is silently deleted but the static variable $wshSaved is
not altered, allowing the
PEAR_Start_CLI::win32BrowseForFolder() to believe that the
script exists and to not
recreate it.

The unlink was added in http://svn.php.net/viewvc/pear/pear-
core/trunk/PEAR/Start/CLI.php?r1=297648&r2=297649 which
is over a year ago, so no rush on this one.

I see 3 possible solutions

1 - The vbs script should not be deleted, thus making the
$wshSaved variable accurate. Certainly a quick fix but does
leave the vbs script lying around once all the work is done.
2 - The vbs script is deleted and we don't use the static
variable to track its existence. Also a quick fix but does mean
a vbs script is created every time the user wishes to select a
different directory.
3 - The vbs script is deleted during the destruction of the
PEAR_START_Cli.php class. I've built a patch for this but don't
seem to be able to build go-pear.phar.


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