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ID: 17340
Updated by: demon.gene@gmail.com
Reported By: jag at josh dot com
Summary: Bad Links From Class To File In Subpackages
Status: Verified
Type: Bug
Package: PhpDocumentor
Operating System: Windows Vista
Package Version: 1.4.3
PHP Version: 5.3.2
-Roadmap Versions:
+Roadmap Versions: 1.4.4
New Comment:

-Roadmap Versions:
+Roadmap Versions: 1.4.4
I've discovered that this same bug manifests itself when the class is in
a different package than its file, too. Modifying my test case to show
all three scenarios:
* file and class in same package (works)
* file and class in different package (broke)
* file and class in same package, but class is in a subpackage (broke)

Previous Comments:

[2011-09-24 08:12:50] ashnazg

-Status: Open
+Status: Verified
Verified this behavior occurs in phpDocumentor SVN on PHP 5.3.8 using
HTML:frames:default output converter, but only when the file-level
docblock does not contain a subpackage tag that lines the file up with
its class:

* @package BugReports

* @package BugReports
* @subpackage SubA
class Foo {}


If the file-level docblock and the class docblock both contain the same
package and subpackage pair, then the link points to the correct place.

This bug seems to be based on the code assuming that a class in a
subpackage will also have the class's file in the same subpackage... at
least, the code that constructs the hyperlink to the file doc that
exists in the class's doc.


[2010-04-24 23:53:32] jganderson

Links from class documentation to the file documentation the class was
contained in do not work when using @subpackage.

Test script:
1. Use a sub package in your class.
2. Document the class using the frames default converter.
3. Navigate to the class documentation.
4. Click on the "Located in" link.

Expected result:
Expect to display the documentation associated with the php file the
class was contained in.

Actual result:
404 - file not found. The link has the correct file name but it links to
the current folder (the subpackage folder). The documentation for the
file is contained in the folder for the package, not the subpackage.


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