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ID: 18462
Updated by: helgith@gmail.com
Reported By: jan at horde dot org
Summary: Installation should be cancelled if required
dependencies are missing
Status: Open
Type: Bug
Package: PEAR
Package Version: 1.9.2
PHP Version: Irrelevant
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

You are right, this should defiantly happen. Problem is that right now
are picked up when X package is being installed, so if a dependency is 3
levels down
then the installer has already started installing various things.

I have been thinking about different solution to implement in pear (or
pyrus). One
would be to trust the channels more and spider through all of them
before even
attempting to get the first tgz file instead of only partially use the
channel information
and then get the tgz file, find a dep and repeat cycle.

Previous Comments:

[2011-04-20 14:00:47] yunosh

At the moment, if a required dependency is missing for a
package, all other dependencies are installed nonetheless. Even
worse, there is not a final error message hinting the user that the
installation of the initially requested package actually failed. All
he sees (if he doesn't look very carefully), is a number of
successful installations. See request #18461 for such an output.
Of course the installation shouldn't be stopped immediately, it
still makes sense to list *all* missing dependencies first.


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