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ID: 9950
Comment by: hanjukim
Reported By: hanjukim at gmail dot com
Summary: PHP Strict errors even with E_STRICT Disabled
Status: Bogus
Type: Bug
Package: Mail
Operating System: Centos
PHP Version: 5.2.0
New Comment:

Check your error_reporting AND set_error_handler.
set_error_handler function has E_ALL | E_STRICT as second parameter.

Previous Comments:

[2011-02-10 22:40:40] julisana

Yep, I'm having the same issue. All error reporting is disabled and yet
I still get a page full of PHP Strict Standards when I try and use
PEAR's Mail package.


[2010-11-22 16:34:33] clee

Again, I'd like to echo other people here. I've disabled all error
reporting, and yet the script is still failing out on the mentioned
issues. Any workarounds?


[2010-10-01 20:09:10] recurse

Any updates on this issues? I'm having the same problem.

E_STRICT is *disabled* and I'm still getting the error described.


[2010-06-29 10:00:20] amcnaughton

There seems to be some confusion here. This bug report is not about the
issues which the warnings are about. It is about those warnings being
generated despite error_reporting() being set to a level where those
errors should not be reported.


[2009-11-13 14:33:02] qtx

In the line 161 of the file Mail.php, the is a call

$parser = new Mail_RFC822();
$addresses = $parser->parseAddressList($value, 'localhost', false);

It is correct. But in the line 228

$addresses = Mail_RFC822::parseAddressList($value, 'localhost', false);

It produces warnings. I corrected it like the first example, now it


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