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ID: 12091
Comment by: paktas
Reported By: zilvinas dot bartkus at gmail dot com
Summary: remove some PHP 5 Strict messages
Status: Suspended
Type: Feature/Change Request
Package: Text_Diff
Operating System: Kubuntu Linux
Package Version: CVS
PHP Version: 5.2.3
Assigned To: chagenbu
New Comment:

3 years on, and the packages is still PHP5 incompatible... How come?

Previous Comments:

[2007-09-20 20:11:58] chagenbu

This can't happen until a new, PHP5-only version of the package is
released, but the patches will be very helpful in doing that - thanks!


[2007-09-20 19:16:09] milianw

Hmzt... only 10k allowed and it was bigger, splittet it
now in 4 patch files... Not even `*.gz` or `*.bz2` are
allowed! A shame.


[2007-09-20 19:07:17] milianw

Since PEAR joined gophp5 [1] I thought it would be
appropriate to remove some issues which generated E_STRICT
messages in PHP 5. See the patch file for more. I hope you
can apply that since I just did a `cvs diff > foo.patch`.

[1]: http://pear.php.net/gophp5.php


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