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ID: 14119
Comment by: asdlkj
Reported By: asdlkj_1209 at hotmail dot com
Summary: liveuser->login does not return false and script stops
Status: Open
Type: Bug
Package: LiveUser
Operating System: Win XP
Package Version: 0.16.13
PHP Version: 5.2.6
New Comment:

I had the same problem with examples 1 and 2 from the package (version
0.16.14), example.php stopped at the line of $LU->login...
I tracked the problem to the function loadClass in LiveUser.php, where
the "@" in line 546 made the file included fail silently. The file to be
included was LiveUser/Auth/XML.php which required XML/Tree.php.
Installed package PEAR::XML_Tree

Previous Comments:

[2009-03-12 23:01:41] dufuz

Unfortunately the patch you provided will not work.
If you look at the API documentation then you will see that login() can
return true for success, false on failure and null if the user is
inactive, did you ever try to do a var_dump on
($liveUserObj->login($username, $password)) ?


[2008-06-10 18:57:12] sl1ng5h0t

When executing code below:
if (!$liveUserObj->login($username, $password)){
The script stops after the line. No error nor exceptions are thrown.

//Liveuser/Auth/Common.php line340 changed return $result to return
false and script continued.

// Read user data from database
$result = $this->readUserData($handle, $passwd, $auth_user_id);
if (!$result) {
return false;

Test script:
Used gvn Auth example 4


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