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ID: 9950
Comment by: recurse
Reported By: kenshi at walkscore dot com
Summary: PHP Strict errors even with E_STRICT Disabled
Status: Bogus
Type: Bug
Package: Mail
Operating System: Centos
PHP Version: 5.2.0
New Comment:

Any updates on this issues? I'm having the same problem.

E_STRICT is *disabled* and I'm still getting the error described.

Previous Comments:

[2010-06-29 10:00:20] amcnaughton

There seems to be some confusion here. This bug report is not about the
issues which the warnings are about. It is about those warnings being
generated despite error_reporting() being set to a level where those
errors should not be reported.


[2009-11-13 14:33:02] qtx

In the line 161 of the file Mail.php, the is a call

$parser = new Mail_RFC822();
$addresses = $parser->parseAddressList($value, 'localhost', false);

It is correct. But in the line 228

$addresses = Mail_RFC822::parseAddressList($value, 'localhost', false);

It produces warnings. I corrected it like the first example, now it


[2009-11-13 14:24:38] cweiske
But it looks like that the developer of the Mail package does not
understand what are static methods.
You don't understand PHP4 compatibility.


[2009-11-13 14:15:29] qtx

Well, it is really pity.

But it looks like that the developer of the Mail package does not
understand what are static methods.

He calls many times in his code


although the method isError is not static.

He declares the method parseAddressList of the class Mail_RFC822 as
normal but tries to call it statically in Mail.php.

The developer of the Mail should correct this in the Mail package.

Neither PHP nore PEAR are responsible for this bug.


[2009-01-26 14:43:52] tonyv

So, here is a two-year old bug that seems neither resolved by PHP nor
PEAR teams, with each blaming the other. Not really interested in the
politics, but I'd like to get my scripts working under PHP5.

I'm calling Mail::factory(), in accordance with the documentation, and
this works fine under PHP4. Now, under PHP5, I'm getting the dreaded
"Non-static Method....", despite the comment in the docs that it
*should* be called statically.

I've tried setting up a call $m=new Mail(); $smtp=$m->factory( 'smtp' );
That fails with "Assigning the return value of new by reference is
at line 210 in /usr/share/php/Mail/smtp.php"

Any messing with error_reporting(0) appears to make no difference as
observed in this bug report.
Please, someone, how am I supposed to set this up?


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