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ID: 17433
Updated by: daniel.oconnor@gmail.com
Reported By: schkovich at gmail dot com
Summary: Method arguments names imported with dollar sign
Status: Open
Type: Bug
Package: PHP_UML
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04
Package Version: 1.5.2
PHP Version: 5.3.2
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: baptiste
Roadmap Versions:
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-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: baptiste

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[2010-05-27 23:06:25] schkovich

I added note to that page. I have no idea what have happened. Anyways,
here is suggested text:

Following options and switches are available:
-o directory
-f format, --format=format
-x XMI version
-n name
-e encoding
-i pattern, --ignore=pattern
-m pattern, --match=pattern
-l errorLevel, --error-level=errorLevel
-h, --help
-v, --version

Type phpuml -h to find more details on each.


[2010-05-27 20:32:01] baptiste

uh... where did you add this note ?
I don't see anything modified in


[2010-05-26 19:49:44] schkovich

I already added a note listing all options to the Command line
interface page.


[2010-05-26 19:38:37] baptiste

Thanks for that second precision, that spares me any further
investigation !
You are absolutely right, I must complete the Command line interface
page. I'll do this asap.



[2010-05-26 19:13:42] schkovich

Ouch! I did not run phpuml -h :(

With --no-dollar switch everything works perfectly well.

Even when knowing that I am looking for --no-dollar switch it was hard
to spot it in section Special
Switches. I think that on the Command line interface page all options
and switches should be at least listed.

For example:
Following switches are available <list of switches >
You will find more details on each by asking for help, like this: ....

Therefore I've changed Bug Type to Documentation Problem.


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the rest of the comments, please view the bug report online at

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