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ID: 17070
Updated by: [email protected]
Reported By: micdhack at freemail dot gr
Summary: UTF8 charset works but some characters appear as
double question marks ??
Status: Bogus
Type: Bug
Package: Mail_Mime
Operating System: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server
Package Version: 1.6.0
PHP Version: 5.2.4
-Roadmap Versions: 1.6.1
+Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

-Roadmap Versions: 1.6.1
+Roadmap Versions:

Previous Comments:

[2010-02-06 18:20:39] alec

-Status: Open
+Status: Bogus
Thank you for taking the time to write to us, but this is not
a bug.

Expected behaviour.


[2010-02-06 18:18:33] alec

This text is encoded properly, RFC compliant and works for me. I assume
it's your mail client issue.


[2010-02-06 16:59:16] micdhack

Note: all the greek letters where converted here into ? but i believe
you get the point.


[2010-02-06 16:57:43] micdhack

-Status: Feedback
+Status: Open


[2010-02-06 16:57:00] micdhack

The example that i gave here was a made up one. Normally i take this
value from mysql from a utf8 field. Since the string that i receive in
my email is almost fully readable expect for that one letter i decided
to investigate the header information stored in the db by mail_queue and
i think i found where the problem lies.

So here is the headers from the db:

charset=utf-8";s:12:"MIME-Version";s:3:"1.0";s:2:"To";s:23:"tsik[email protected]";s:4:"From";s:29:"UrCity
<[email protected]>";s:7:"Subject";s:182:"=?utf-8?Q?=CE=A3=CE=BA=CE=BF=CF=85=CF=80=CE=AF=CE=B4=CE=B9=CE?=

=?utf-8?Q?_information_being_edited...?=";s:4:"Date";s:31:"Sat, 06 Feb
2010 18:36:33 +0200";}

So i tried to step by step identify the letters to see if there was a
mistake there. For each letter there is a =XX=XX
So for the word we have:
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?

As you can see the final letter cannot be completed because the line is
split and there is an interaption. So that leads to the ? being a ??.

After transfering the =B1 next to the =CE the letter appeared

So i tried to see which function create the issue. So i printed the
headers after the $hdrs = $this->mime->headers($hdrs,true); and the
subject part of the array was this:

[Subject] =>

So improrer splitting of the text looks like the number one suspect. So
splitting the line should always be if a complete set of =XX=XX is being
written otherwise the whole sequence should be transfered in the next


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