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ID: 14097
Updated by: daniel.oconnor@gmail.com
Reported By: kieser at biomedpark dot de
Summary: Multiple INCLUDE on one line don't work -- wrong
-Status: Feedback
+Status: No Feedback
Type: Bug
Package: HTML_Template_IT
Operating System: OS-independent
Package Version: 1.2.1
PHP Version: Irrelevant
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

-Status: Feedback
+Status: No Feedback
No feedback was provided. The bug is being suspended because
we assume that you are no longer experiencing the problem.
If this is not the case and you are able to provide the
information that was requested earlier, please do so and
change the status of the bug back to "Open". Thank you.

Previous Comments:

[2009-09-21 01:45:38] doconnor

-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
We need a reproduce script, works for us.

carlos says:
"Bug #14097 I can´t reprocude anymore. I've ben using the call method
listed above.
My IT.php version is IT.php,v 1.20 2006/08/17 15:47:22 dsp Exp"


[2008-08-11 09:09:38] narcisradu

To solve this problem use U modifier at line 933:

"#<!-- INCLUDE (.*) -->#Uime", "\$this->getFile('\\1')", $content


[2008-06-06 09:15:46] jockie

Having more than one <!-- INCLUDE --> per template line results in none
of those templates being loaded. Seems to be a problem of the RegExp
used in HTML/Template/IT.php function getFile

Test script:
<div id="somelayer"><!-- INCLUDE layer.tpl --></div><div
id="somelayerIE6"><!-- INCLUDE layerIE6.tpl --></div>

Expected result:
Both INCLUDE comments replaced by their corresponding file's contents

Actual result:
Neither first nor second INCLUDE is actually done for that line


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