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ID: 16739
Comment by: ilpochta@gmail.com
Reported By: malerba at gnome-db dot org
Summary: Transaction rolledback with persistant connection
Status: Open
Type: Bug
Package: MDB2
Operating System: Linux
Package Version: 2.5.0b2
PHP Version: 5.2.5
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

You can't keep transaction open between script runs. This is PHP
database modules architecture (and architecture of the web).

Previous Comments:

[2009-10-24 22:38:12] vivien

Started transaction are automatically rolled back when the PHP script
terminates which may be inconvenient for persistant connections (this
behaviour has been tested for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite at least), as
visible in the disconnect() method.

I really need a way to disable that automatic rolling back.

I know that when the connection is opened again at least the
@in_transaction and @nested_transaction_counter attributes of the
connection _will_ be wrong because the connection is persistant, but
maybe a solution can be found using $_SESSION to save all that extra
information about the connection's transaction status.

I really need that bug corrected,
thanks a lot


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